Today I only had 1/3 the crew with me, but we had an amazing time. Double feature, for those of you that really want to get crazy! Both of our locations today are close together and can easily be done in the same day. We will start with the American Motorcycle Museum in Pickerington, OH.

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame and Museum is open! We actually went on the first day it was opened back up to the public. While fun, the museum is very small and is an option for families rain or shine. You can see the whole thing in well under an hour. Unless you are a huge motorcycle fan, or live in the area, this is not really worth a long trip. The plus side is that it is an easy drive from anywhere in Columbus and kudos to the staff at the museum for encouraging social distancing and providing cleaning supplies for anyone wishing to take a photo opp and climbing on top of the few exhibits meant for just such a thing.

Even though it is on the small side there are a couple of really cool things to see here. They have a good assortment of bikes and a few famous bikes that everyone will recognize. One of my favorites was the Evil Knievel bike. What kid who grew up in the 70’s or 80’s did not know this name? There was also a stunt bike from the Terminator 2 movie, also very cool. On top of these easily recognizable icons, there are a few great picture opportunities for families. There is a bike kids can climb up on in front of a screen where they can pretend to ride. There is also a bike with a sidecar in the basement that you can climb in for a picture opportunity. The museum has 2 levels. The top has plenty of bikes to see but is more a hall of fame. The bottom level has a toy collection, and a “garage” with a hodge podge of bikes. The Indian bikes and the Cleveland bike were my favorite.

Rising park is a free park in Lancaster, OH. It is absolutely gorgeous! There is a great hiking trail that takes you up to a cliff with an amazing vista. Off the main path there are multiple trails that you can go up if you are a bit more adventurous. There is also a pond for fishing, tennis courts, and a playground for children. The day we visited there was a great breeze going and multiple people just hanging out enjoying the view. On a clear day you can see for miles!

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